I do freelance and contract stuff, mostly writing, research, and editing these days. Some more details on that here.

I also raise chickens (they’re mostly ill-behaved), grow vegetables (not very well), and do a bit of construction and landscaping contract work (just the semi-skilled grunt stuff – you want my partner if you’re looking for designs and project management). I ramble about that stuff at my current personal blog.

You can find some of my ongoing work towards sketching (figurative) portraits of ancestors in my Verloin deGruy and Conner-Tally ancestral lines at their respective sites.

I’m no longer in academia, but I’ve archived material related to my academic work here, including the blog I kept during my graduate work in medieval literature, course material for my writing and literature classes, and teaching/tutoring resources.

Links are on the right, sorted by category.

About Karma

As of 2015, I am no longer in academia, so my academic blog is for archival purposes only at this time, as are the blogs for the courses I taught. The family research blogs are still ongoing works in progress, however, and I'm slowly and irregularly working on things like a family recipe book for the Conner/Tally side of the family and sketching in more detail about the deGruy side's long association with the New Orleans area (including its material culture, specifically furniture, and some curious little intersections that make those details relevant in my branch of the family today). And I have a current personal blog where I write about my chickens (badly-behaved), my gardens (reluctant), and my life trajectory (bewildering). View all posts by Karma

2 responses to “About

  • Rosamund Paice

    I just read your ‘Desiring Angels’ essay, and wanted to find out where you were based, as I found it thought-provoking and fresh. I am so sorry to hear you left academia. I do understand, though. It is just sad that academia is often a “chewing up” rather than than a nurturing environment. Best wishes to you, and I selfishly hope that you will one day rejoin academia, as I think it’s poorer for the loss of voices like yours.

    • Karma

      How kind of you to say! I didn’t get to stay in academia and I can’t really rejoin it (I’ve been out long enough to be completely unmarketable now), *but* it’s nice to hear that someone got something out of some of the work I did (and stop my brain just repeating the phrase “wasting 10 years of my life,” which it likes to do.

      It also reminds me that even if an entire freshman class hates us and rates us the worst teachers they’d ever had (in all their infinite freshman wisdom and experience lol), that for every loudmouth / grumbler / complainer, there’s **at least** one voice with an opposing opinion out there somewhere. We just can’t hear it because it’s not always as loud. It doesn’t attract as much attention. And its owner, unlike the grumbler, doesn’t assume everybody cares about her opinion so doesn’t offer it from the rooftops every chance she gets. So the negative stuff **feels like** it outweighs the positive stuff, but that doesn’t make it true.

      I just need to remember that. Hell, probably everybody who ever spends time online needs to remember that lol… So thank you for taking the time to write a message here and sorry it took me, what, a year to respond? 🙂

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